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Haulover Beach Park Marina
10800 Collins Ave,Miami Beach, FL 33154


   Frequently Asked Questions

1. I  want to participate, but cannot get enough people to sign up. What can I do?

     You can either  sign up as an individual  paddler or  you can ask the Organizing committee to supply you a list of individual  paddlers.

 2. When  is the application deadline?

     The  registration deadline is September 15th, 2007.

 3. Do  I need a complete list of team members by the time of application? Can I       add or  change name after the deadline?

    No, but you  must hand in the roster list as well as signed waivers
for all participants  before 1st  scheduled practice.

4. What  is the minimum and maximum age of team members?

    The minimum age  is 14 year old. There is no maximum age limitation.

5. Who  should not participate in the dragon boat race?

     Persons with  back problem, heart problem or breathing difficulty should not participate.

6. When  can we practice?

    Your team can  schedule practice sessions two to three weeks prior to the actual race.

7. Do  all team members need to be at the practice session? What happen if someone  cannot make it on that day?

   All team  members are required to attend at least one practice session and each team is  granted two practice sessions. Each practice session is 2 hours. You can also  join the practice session for the individual paddlers.

8. Do  we need to know how to swim?

    No, however all  team members MUST wear the personal floatation devices (PFDs) at all times  during the races and practices.

9. Do  you have to design and make a team uniform?

    No, you donít  have to if you do not want to participate in the T-shirt contest.

10. What  are the categories?

   The three  categories are: Men, Women and Mixed. The South Florida Open is for the top 2  finishers of each category.

11. My  team has 18 males and 4 females. Which category should I join?

   To qualify as  mixed team, you must have at least 8 males and 8 females. Therefore, your team  is qualified as male team.

12. Can  we have an odd number of paddlers?

   Yes, you can  have an odd number of paddlers as long as your team meet the categoryís  requirement. However, you should balance the boat with even paddlers

13. Can  we get extra practice sessions?

   If we have  available sessions, you can get extra practices for $50/2-hour.


                              For additional inquires, please contact us at

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