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Haulover Beach Park Marina
10800 Collins Ave,Miami Beach, FL 33154

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The Legend of the Dragon Boat Race

The tradition of dragon boat racing comes from the legend of a tragic Chinese poet, Qu Yuan (340-278 B.C.). Qu Yuan was the prime minister of empire “Chu”. His nobility caused him to advocate peace to the other states during that tangled epoch. Remorseless, combative Huai, the King of Chu was offended by Qu’s admonishment and finally banished him from the state.

Disheartened Qu Yuan left his homeland, and during his vagrancy, he composed one of the greatest Chinese poems “Li Sao”, which reflected his patriotism and sadness . In 278 B.C., Qu Yuan learned depressingly that his homeland had been occupied by enemies. He then drowned himself in the Milo River.

The villagers tried to salvage Qu Yuan but failed. To prevent fishes from eating his body, they paddled boats with clamorous drumbeats, and threw rice dumplings wrapped with leaves (now known as the traditional food “Zong Zi”) into the river, supplicating to preserve the kindhearted poet.

Today, the commemoration of this ancient legend is continued. Majestic dragon decorations have been installed on the boats, which is a symbol to help people drive out diseases and pestilence. Besides as a team sport, dragon boat racing also symbolically brings health and vibrancy to everybody.

Dragon boat racing has been practiced in China by around 20 million people. But over the past 25 years, it has spread beyond Asia to Europe, North America, Australia and Africa,
to become an international sport with a huge following. Nowadays it is among the fastest
growing water sports and remains amazingly the largest team sport, with over 60 million
participants in over 50 countries.

As co-operation plays a most important role in successful dragon boat racing teams, Dragon Boat Racing has also become an influential and very popular social, corporate and charitable sport, during which friendship as well as strength and endurance are developed among the participants.

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